365 DAYS …..day 102


c/f £1285……..stakes £20
Stand Guard 2.30 L won @ 1/2 – 10 £1275
Almalekiah 3.35 L lost + 20 £1295
Discovery Bay 2.20 WE won @ 6/4 – 30 £1265
Deepsand 2.50 WE lost + 20 £1285
Queen Of Mantua 3.25 WE lost + 20 £1305
Scribe 6.20 WO won @ 3/1 – 60 £1245
Easytopolishadiamond 8.45 D lost + 20 £1265


4 thoughts on “365 DAYS …..day 102

  1. dave f

    HI Tom,any reason other than to deter knockers ,why you have changed the format of the site,i am a comp.numpty,i agree,but to have to ignore the bookmark i made for March,then used to be able to access daily by clicking April,ect,dont work,have had to google,and go through daily,what i have seen before to get to today,by all means make it hard for knocker’s,but why penalise them who do follow blog,daily.Tonight has knocked my tits in,to be honest,if you do not want to have genuine followers of the blog,fair enough,let me know,at my e-mail address,as i cannot even read the blog anymore,it is that small.yours .dave f

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