365 DAYS…..day 67


C/F £650….stakes £650

Swaton Tycoon 1.45 A won @ 1/1 – 20 £630
Shariyan 4.00A lost + 20 £650
Wilde Pastures 4.35 A won @ 6/4 – 30 £620
Come on Annie 4.15 C lost + 20 £640
The Last Bridge 5.25 C lost + 20 £660
Calculated Risk 1.30 S won @ 5/2 – 50 £610
Solar Deity 2.20 W won @ 6/4 – 30 £580
Intrangisent 4.05W lost + 20 £600
Skytrain 5.15 W lost + 20 £620

Loads to lay today. Should make some money. Yesterday was bad, but not disastrous. Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, is what I always say!

5 losers 4 winners today. not great. But we didn’t lose a lot because win prices were short. As they should be. It’s the bigger win prices that kill us. And as I keep saying, why I personally never lay above 4/1. It is also why you see some sels. marked as not laid. I don’t do automatic laying in running, though I do lay some in running manually. You will come unstuck if you keep laying the bigger priced ones, as some of them do win. In fact somebody suggested backing the ones at 6/1 and above. They have a point, as some of them win. You could say that they are then overpriced; they have been selected because they are Ist or 2nd favs in RP, usually at 4/1 or below, so when they drift to bigger prices they are probably overpriced. Worth looking at.


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