365 DAYS……..day 64


c/f £760……….stakes £20

Heronry 2.10 F won @ 1/1 – 20 £740
Utopian 3.10 F lost + 20 £760
Speedy Bruere 3.40 F won @ 1/1 – 20 £740
Lienosus 4.10 F won ‘ 1/2 – 10 £730
Frazerborough 2.30 L lost + 20 £750
Riskit Fora Biskit 5.30 K won @ 2/1 – 40 £710

Plenty to get stuck into today

Lost 4-2 today. Still it could have been worse, the win prices were short so no great damage done

I almost felt sorry for Dergie last night; bounding down the stairs,waving his hands like demented traffic policeman, blaming everybody except the real culprit – his own player Nani. That was diabolical tackle; Roy Keane was the only one on the panel who spoke any sense about it. And he should know – he made enough diabolical tackles himself! Fergie was incandescant, incoherant, and aparently speechless afterwards. At least we know now the secret to shutting him up! Mourhino said the best team lost – he was having a laff, wasn’t he! I wonder what he whispered in Fergie’s ear on the touchline that time. NOW, CAN I HAVE YOUR JOB? I expect!


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