365 DAYS …..day 62


c/f £720…….stakes £20

Guru Baby 2.40 K lost + 20 £740
Tidy Affair 6.30 K non runner
Wilton Milan 3.05 S. won 1/1 – 20 £720

Doesn’t look great today- 1 winner will probably see us losing money.


5 thoughts on “365 DAYS …..day 62

  1. TF Office

    Hi Tom. When you say stakes are 20, are you staking so you win 20 or is it your exposure on the bet? TF

    On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:34 PM, tomobrien2004

    • Hi TF,
      I am staking so I win £20…so if a horse wins at, say, 3/1, then I lose £60.I started off with a bank of £40 on Jan 1st and a stake of £2. I gradually built up the bank to £400 and stakes to £20. Since then I have kept the stakes at £20 for ease of calculation. My own stakes are generally multiples of £20. I don’t expect to have too many lays at Chel next week – I expect the prices will be mostly too big – and I don’t think horses like Simonsig, Sprinter Sacre etc would be lays!

  2. Geoff King

    Hi – I’m not knocking the selections which are first class but your measurement of cost of horses that win appears to be a bit suspect. Yesterday was an example Wilton Milan won at 5/4 = £25 loss and the Betair SP was higher than that, which is where the majority of punters will lay.

    There’s no doubt it is a winning system but it would be better if you used Betfair SP to calculate your winnings as it would be more honest.

    • Hi Geoff,
      I have already stated elsewhere that the prices quoted are the lay prices that I have obtained. Sometimes these are taken early in the morning, occasionally they are prices obtained in running. This is my own personal log and this is the way I like to do it. If others wish to calculate Betfair SP…be my guest.

      • Geoff King

        Hi Tom. Sorry hadn’t seen that. Keep up the good work and keep it public (subscription or not!)



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