365 DAYS ……day 51


c/f £450…stake £20

Denali Highway 2.30 H not laid
Tony Star 3.00 H lost + 20 £470
Umachador 3.40S won @2/1 – 40 £430
Vinetta 3.40 s lost + 20 £450
Ancient Times 4.40 S won @ 2/1 – 40 £410
No Way Hozay 5.10 S won @ 2/1 – 40 £370
Vardas Supreme 5.10 S lost + 20 £390
Mr Optimistic 7.00 K won @ 6/4 – 30 £ 360
The Tracy Shuffle 4.20 A lost + 20 £380

Getting too many winners lately. Needs to revert to its former glory


2 thoughts on “365 DAYS ……day 51

  1. greg

    amazing that you didnt lay the winner today, you would have dfeo been matched lol as it won.. i see when they lose bigger than 4/1 (a few i have noticed that wire never 4/1 b4 or during the race) but you recored them when they lose!! double standards comes to mind… thought you was better than that mad paddy..

    • You are entitled to your view Greg. I could of course try to lay them all by putting in an in-running lay, but I don’t work like that. I make a judgement on each race individually; sometimes I am in a position to lay them in-running, sometimes not. As I say, it’s a record of my own individual bets, others may do things differently. As a matter of interest, when I do put on in-running lays I never do it at bigger than 5/2…that way if it does win I have limited my losses and have ‘controlled’ the price to a large extent. Each to his own!

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