365 DAYS………..day 46


c/f £447.5…..stakes £20

Sound Investment 3.20 F lost + 20 + £467.5
Bob N You 3.55 F lost + 20 +£487.5
Two No Bids 4.15 L non-runner
Comedy House 4.50 L lost + 20 £507.5
Lost Legend 4.05 S lost + 20 £527.5
Dangerous Age 5.00 W won @ 1/1 -20 £507.5
Speed Stees 6.00 W lost + 20 £527.5
Street Battle 7.30 W lost + 20 £547.5

Well, what can I say…6 from 7! Must be doing something right. There is a tide in the affairs of men…and all that old cobblers.

Loads of chances to make – or lose – money today!

I am having a few days break away this coming weekend so it is doubtful if there will be nay selections for the next few days as I am not sure if I will have access to the internet.

Just been reading the Oscar Pistorius story in the papers this morning. He has a machine gun parked inside his front door and various handguns lying about the house, including the pistol he used to shoot his girlfriend four times with. He says he mistook her for a burgler. Hmmmm….. Not a very good story for the American gun lobby is it?


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