365 DAYS……..day 44


c/f £347.5 …..stakes £15

Close Together 2.00 L lost + 15 £362.5
Story Writer 3.30 L lost + 15 £377.5
Be My Deputy 1.10 M lost + 15 £392.5
Cayman Island 2.20 M lost + 15 £407.5
Admiralty 4.20 K NR
Sandboy 6.30 K lost + 15 £422.5
Polar Kite 7.00 K lost + 15 £437.5

Well…that was a result! 6 from 6. Nice little earner. We have now reached that magic £400 mark, where stakes will be frozen at £20. This is for calculation purposes only, any followers may increase the stakes if and when they wish. I started this blog 44 days ago – on Jan 1st – with a bank of £40 and stakes of £2. We have now increased both 10-fold. Mission accomplished! Just shows what can be achieved with a litle bit of determination and perseverance.

On a different note. I see that Frank Lampard has decided to become a writer of childrens books. As one does when one is a multi-talented sportsman. Apparently the idea came to him when he was reading to his kids recently. Write a childrens book Frank. Good idea. Anyone can do it. Of course they can, Frank. And not only one but a series of five! And a publisher already lined up. How easy it all is. Why haven’t I found it so easy? Ah, but then I am not a multi-talented literary giant like Frank. Or that other literary giant Wayne Rooney, who found it so easy to churn out several autobiographies, and he is not even in his late twenties! Amazing! Wonder how much of Frank’s books will actually be written by himself? About the same amount as Wayne’s I imagine. A big fat ZERO then.


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