365 DAYS……..day 42


c/f £355 (£5 added because of miscalculation on 9th Feb)…..stakes £15
running totals…164 lays…124 losers….40 winners…success rate 75%
We commenced with a bank of £40 on Jan 1st…stakes were £2…..coming along nicely. When the bank reaches £400 stakes will be increased to £20. After this, for the purpose of calculation there will be no more increases in the stakes, though of course any followers may increase if they wish.

Noble Jack 4.30 W NR
Ofcoursewecan 5.00 W lost +15 £370
So the Pope is retiring! It’s like Fergie retiring – it doesn’t happen. Well, not quite true; it last happened over 600 years ago. The Pope I mean, not Fergie! Popes generally die in bed, surrounded by 50 nuns and a hundred Cardinals. Makes you wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye. Maybe it is just old age/senility, but the conspiracy theories are already circulating. About him being a Nazi sympathiser, about the Vatican bank laundering Mafia money, etc etc. Wonder what revelations will be in the papers over the coming days?

interesting article about JP McManus; http://donnmcclean.com/2012/12/31/jp-mcmanus-3/


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