365 DAYS……..Day 40


c/f £355 stakes £15

Chatterbox 1.15N won @ 1/1 £340
Shooters Wood 3.00 N lost + 15 £355
Fourofakind 1.05 U won @ 1/1 – 15 £340
Boundforglory 3.25 U lost + 15 £350
Greywell Boy 4.35 U won @ 5/2 -37.5 £312.5
Majala 2.40 W won @ 2/1 – 30 £282.5
Drum Valley 4.25 W lost + 15 £297.5
Young Jackie 12.50 L lost + 15 £312.5
Be Perfect 4.10 L lost + 15 £ 327.5

Well, there we are…9 today. There were a couple of more but the prices were a bit high….9 is enough to be getting on with.

Phew! Could have been a disaster with 4 winners. Luckily the prices were short. That’s why controlling the prices is important.

A couple of observations. When I first started this method some years ago I was only using it for flat racing, but then a year or so ago I included NH and Irish racing, and it didn’t make any difference to the overall %. Consequently it means more selections, but hey, it’s more winners! Or losers, depending how you view it. The method can rate any horse in any race, but I limited my application to 1st & 2nd f/cast favs in RP, partly because it would be too time consuming to do every horse in every race, but mainly because I found an edge doing it that way. It is good not just for laying horses but also for checking harse you may want to back in a race. (if a horse fails this test I never back it to win) Sometimes, you can find half a dozen qualifiers in a race, quite often eliminating more than half the field before you begin to look for a winner in the race.

One other thing. This is the basic method that you see in operation. There are other tweaks and fine tuning that I do personally, which increase the success rate to around 85%. However, the refined version stays with me for the present!


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