365 DAYS……….day 39


TOTALS….151 qualifiers….116 losers…35 winners….77% success rate
c/f £325 ….stakes £15

Domtaline 3.25 K lost + 15 £340
O’Faolains Boy 2.35 B won @ 2/1 – 30 £310
Noble Ben 4.50 B lost + 15 £325
Notonebuttwo 1.20 N lost + 15 £340
Mary Milan 3.35 N lost + 15 £355


2 thoughts on “365 DAYS……….day 39

  1. markow

    You usually try to keep the lays under 4/1 to ensure an 80% strike rate keeps profit but today iv had to lay horses at 6/1, 6/1, 4/1, 9/2 & 5/2..A winner will be bad but more than 1 will be devastating to the overall bank. Although im taking it as a plus that they are drifting! Keep up the good work MP

  2. Hi Markow,
    Today could be potentially a bad day, because of the prices. Usually there are a mixture of prices so that when a short price one wins it isn’t too bad for the bank. But that’s the way they come out some days; all would have been 1st or 2nd fav in RP, that’s one of the reasons they were chosen. Personally, I wouldn’t lay lay the 6/1 shots or the 9/2, but would see if I could lay them in running at much smaller prices. But a loser is a loser no matter what the price, so if you have the nerve good luck to you.

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