365 days………..


Day 37…….c/f £207

Lucematic 2.55 C lost + 8 £215
New Years Eve 2.40 L lost + 8 £223
Copper Birch 4.55 L lost + 8 £231
White Fusion 4.45 S lost + 8 £239
marvelino 6.05 K lost + 8 £247
Wake Up Little Suzy 6.35 K lost + 8 £255
Al Raqueb 7.05 K lost +8 £263

well…a clean sweep today 7 from 7! More power to my elbow! stakes increased to £12

Preview of the Betfair on Sat. Known many years ago as the Schweppes and until recently as the Totesport Trophy. There’s no doubt Ronaldo De Mottes looks well h/capped and he was 2nd to GMOOH in this race 3 years ago – but he is an 8yr old and this tends to go to 5 or 6 yr olds – young, improving types. He could go well though, and I am sure Pipe has targeted this race for him. In the original postponed race I did like Pearl Swan, but now I am not so sure.I don’t think his overall form is up to that of RDM. Pricewise Put up two in the original– Cotton Mill 20/1 and Punjabi 40/1 but they are half that price in this race,but I suppose the sleeper could get one of them up. He certainly needs one! It’s very difficult with many with chances; I think one of the lightweights might prevail, maybe Claret Cloak,who looks to have a nice weight, or Whitby Jack if it gets in. (it will be 7lbs out of the h/c if it does, but I am sure Moore will put a claimer up – and he does like to have a go at this race. He usually puts one by for it)


2 thoughts on “365 days………..

  1. Jay

    Hi, Tom nice days profit…. You put stake at £8 for today? Should have been £10 as you increased your stake. I started following your selections the last week to small stakes and made a little profit thanks to your selections. Jay

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